Advanced in Databases and Information Systems
Call for papers

First Joint Workshop of the Kiev and Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapters
Moscow, May 11-14, 1993

ADBIS'93 opens a series of annual Workshops on Advances in Databases and Information Systems that are joinly planned by the Kiev and Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapters.

For the workshop please submit to one of Co-Charmen of the Seminar a single copy of up to 1000 words extended abstract by March 1, 1993 for consideration. (The abstract should include a summary of your intended presentation). The full-papers will be reviewed again for publication following their presentation at the workshop.

The Workshop will be limited to 40 to 50 active researchers in Database systems. Attendance will generally be limited to individuals submitting accepted technical papers of research quality.

TOPICS: We solicit papers describing original ideas and new research and experimental results in the database and information systems area. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Active Databases
  • Concurrency Control and Recovery
  • Constraint Management
  • Data Models
  • Database Design
  • Database Programming Languages
  • Deductive Databases
  • Distributed Systems
  • Federated/multiDBMS systems
  • Engineering and Design Databases
  • Heterogeneous Database Systems
  • Incomplete Information and Uncertainty
  • Integrity and Security Techniques
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Multidatabase interoperability issues
  • Multitransaction model and specification languages
  • Object-Oriented Database Systems
  • Parallel Architectures
  • Query Languages
  • Scientific Databases and Applications
  • Schema analysis and integration
                           SEMINAR PROGRAM COMMITTEE
           Co-Charman from                    Co-Charman from
    the Kiev ACM SIGMOD Chapter        the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter
             Stogny A.A.                     Kalinichenko L.A.

 Institute of Applied Informatics  Institute for Problems of Informatics
      NPO "Gorsystemotechnica"        Russian Academy of Sciences
           252004, Kiev-4                  117900,Moscow,V-342
     Krasnoarmejskaja str., 23-b            Vavilov str., 30/6
        tel.: (044) 225-60-64             tel.: (095) 237-20-31
 e-mail:  e-mail:

                           Program Committee Members
                      Azarov S.S.        Kuznetsov S.D.
                      Emelyanov N.E.     Novikov B.A.
                      Klimenko S.V.      Stolyarov G.K.
                      Kogalovsky M.R.    Wolfengagen V.E.

   Deadline for submission:                  March  1, 1993
       (e-mail or fax is acceptable)
   Notification of acceptance or rejection:  March 30, 1993
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