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Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter
State Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics

The Second All-Russian Conference
"Digital Libraries: advanced methods and technologies, electronic collections"

First announcement and call for papers

Protvino, September 26-28, 2000

The conference is open for international participation.

Digital Libraries is the area of research and development dealing with theory and practice of processing, dissemination, storage, search and analysis of digital data. The other view of Digital Libraries is that they are complex information systems providing for solving various scientific, technological, methodological, economical, legal and other issues.

The All-Russian 2000 Conference follows the First Conference successfully held in St.-Petersburg in 1999. Main objective of this series of Conferences is to promote forming of professional community in Russia making research and development in the area of Digital Libraries. For such community the conferences provide a good opportunity for discussion of new ideas and results, for establishing contacts for more tight collaboration. The conferences provide also for extending international cooperation in the field.

Submission of papers devoted to advanced research and development is especially welcome. The serious attention is planned to be paid to application prototypes and digital collections developed in frame of the RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) program on Digital Libraries.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Models and standards for information and metainformation representation in Digital Libraries (including thesauri and onthologies)
  • Methods and tools for data search, discovery, retrieval and analysis in Digital Libraries
  • Access to distributed and heterogeneous digital collections: interoperability, scalability, relevant information discovery, integration of metainformation
  • Open architectures for digital information middleware
  • Methods and tools for Digital Libraries usage. Intellectual user interfaces, agent technologies, cooperative work on the data, data visualisation (rendering) and data analysis
  • Analysis and processing of natural language, video-, audio- and other data
  • Multilingual data access and multilingual data service
  • Digital Libraries prototypes and digital collections for science, education, culture, health care and management
  • Digital collections in conventional libraries, museums, archives, information centres
  • Advanced technologies for digital collection creation, storage and system support
  • Digital collections cataloguing, indexing, abstracting, consistency support
Conference proceedings will be published.


The Conference will be held on September 26-28, 2000 in Protvino at the base of State Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics.

Protvino town is located in a pine forest at the south of Moscow region 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the ancient Serpukhov, near old Russian towns and country grounds, fine landscapes and national parks. Time to go from Moscow is 2 hours using car or bus.

Participants will be accomodated with a comfortable hotel (****).


Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English, paper submission is possible using either of them. Synchronous translation of presentations from Russian into English is planned at the Conference.

Extended Abstracts of papers are expected before May 5, 2000. Authors will be notified on acceptance before June 30, 2000. The full texts of accepted papers (camera-ready version in electronic form) need to be provided before July 14, 2000. The rules for full text preparation will be added later.

Extended Abstracts should be submitted to the Program Commitee via E-mail biblio@mx.ihep.su address using HTML 3.2 format (no frames, style sheets, ActiveX, JavaScript, Java applets and dynamic HTML); GIF and JPEG images are allowed. For every abstract, the text and every image should be sent as attachments to the mail message. Abstracts in Russian are accepted in Windows-1251 or KOI8-R code sets.

The size of Extended Abstract should be between 2 and 5 pages (3,500 to 10,000 characters, if taken without HTML code). The Abstract should adequately represent the intended paper including references to literature and/or to Internet resources.



Anatoly Logunov (Academician of RAS), IHEP, Protvino

Contact persons:
Vladimir Ezhela ezhela@mx.ihep.su IHEP, Protvino
Yury Nevezhin nevejine@mx.ihep.su IHEP, Protvino


Oleg Siountiourenko Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Leonid Kalinichenko Institute for Problems of Informatics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Vladimir Ezhela State Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics

Program commitee members:
Evgeny Beniaminov Russian State University for Humanities
Anatoly Bezdushny Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Yuri Bukhshtab Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS (KIAM)
Vasily BunakovState Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics
Boris Filimonov State Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics
Yuri Hohlov Institute of the Information Society, Russia
Nikolay Kalenov Library for Natural Sciences RAS
Victor Kapustin Interdisciplinary Center of St.-Petersburg State University
Evgeny Kazakov The Scientific and Technical Informātion Centre of Russia (VNTIC)
Mikhail Kogalovsky Market Economy Institute RAS
Nikolay Kolchanov Institute of Cytology and Genetics, RAS Siberian Branch
Evgeniy Kolesnichenko Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University
Alexander Marchuk Institute for Systems of Informatics, RAS Siberian Branch
Igor Nekrestyanov St.-Petersburg State University
Boris Novikov St.-Petersburg State University
Alexander Tomilin Institute for System Programming RAS
Victor Zakharov Institute for Problems of Informatics RAS
Oleg ZhizhimovJoint Institute for Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy, RAS Siberian Branch
Yury Zinoviev State Research Centre Institute for High Energy Physics

Institute for High Energy Physics, 2000
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